FieldShark MobileTM The task driven guide to operations and reporting, in a mobile application.

FieldShark Mobile is a workflow driven application that can be used with any iOS device or Windows based Smart phone, tablet or PC to report daily production and other operational data while monitoring progress toward operational goals.
Information reported can be transmitted to FieldShark servers any time the device is within range of a reliable Wi-Fi or Cellular data network and assimilated with that provided by automated systems.
Our secure web application provides the platform for interfacing digital data and human analytics, and is easily accessible to Engineers, Production Specialists and other office personnel in real-time from any computer with an active internet connection.


FieldShark Mobile guides operators through daily tasks, allowing them to easily log and report:

  • Well tests
  • Tank gauges
  • Daily production
  • Pressure data
  • Pump rates
  • Injection volumes
  • Chemical consumption
  • Operational, Health, Safety or Environmental concerns